The AORTIC 2021 Virtual Conference will be an opportunity to present the work of the IAEA Technical Cooperation Program with Member States on cancer control related projects to a worldwide audience of experts and public health practitioners. The biennial AORTIC conference will “involve the commitment to rigorously researched scientific content, high quality African and international perspectives, opportunities for emerging research to be presented, networking with colleagues to form collaborations, and updates on products and services that are essential to work in cancer in Africa.”

The IAEA encourages Member States’ counterparts to share their experiences and good practices during the Conference. Through Technical Cooperation Regional and inter-regional projects on human health, the IAEA will finance the registration fee for the participation in the Conference for a limited number of participants who meet the following criteria:

  • Be a representative of a national government entity in an IAEA Member State.
  • Have an abstract submitted (by 7 May 2021) and accepted by the AORTIC Abstract Review Panel.
  • The abstract should (i) be on a topic related to a recent/ongoing IAEA Technical Cooperation project, advances in integrating radiation medicine for diagnostic or treatment as part of national efforts; (ii) relate to an area of achievements where MS benefited from TC projects, imPACT Review, National Cancer Control Plan development, and document national achievements as part of that project/initiative; or (iii) be about successful Resource Mobilisation/partnerships for cancer control.
  • Have their nomination submitted through the IAEA In Touch+ Platform and endorsed by the participants’ National Liaison Officer for the IAEA.

Eligible counterparts should express their interest to the IAEA Programme of Action for Cancer Therapy by sending an email  by 26 July (close of business) to Mr Mathias André | Mathias.Andre@iaea.org, cc Ms Eva Vankova | E.Vankova@iaea.org,  attaching a copy of their abstract and the confirmation of abstract acceptance from the AORTIC Abstract Review Panel.

Following the selection panel, successful candidates will receive instructions on 20 August 2021 to submit their application via IAEA In Touch+ Platform.

AORTIC members are encouraged to participate and efforts will be made by IAEA to support them.