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Will the AORTIC 2021 Conference be in-person?2021-06-24T12:08:04+00:00

Due to continuing travel restrictions and uncertainty over vaccination processes globally, the AORTIC leadership decided not to hold an in-person conference this year, and instead will present the conference in a virtual format.

What are the dates of the virtual conference?2021-06-24T12:08:53+00:00

The 13th AORTIC International Conference on Cancer in Africa will take place virtually from 5 to 10 November 2021.

How will the virtual conference be presented?2021-06-24T12:09:49+00:00

We’re using a platform called Socio. Our conference organiser is familiar with it and have been using it since the start of the pandemic restrictions in 2020. We think it’s a great platform for a virtual conference because it can be used on a mobile device AND/OR on your laptop in a browser. We say “AND/OR” because it’s actually great to use both in unison – networking on mobile and attending sessions on the web app.

In addition to attending livestreamed sessions, you will be able to:

  • Ask questions, participate in polls
  • Read abstracts, speaker information, and session descriptions
  • Interact with other attendees one-on-one via chat and video
  • Visit exhibitors, download their brochures, and interact with them via chat or video
  • Access “on-demand” recorded content and catch up on sessions you might have missed

How do I access the virtual conference platform?2021-06-24T12:10:40+00:00

Accessing the virtual platform is easy and step-by-step instructions will be sent to all registered delegates. You can use your laptop/computer, your tablet, or your phone.

What types of presentations will be featured?2021-06-24T12:11:30+00:00

The virtual conference will feature all of the session types that have taken place during previous in-person AORTIC conferences, including:

  • Pre-Conference Sessions and Workshops
  • Keynote Presentations
  • Plenary Sessions
  • Round Table Focus Groups
  • Pre-recorded Oral Presentations (previously posters)
  • Awards Ceremony

Most sessions will include a live Q&A component.

Will there be sessions running concurrently during the virtual conference?2021-06-24T12:12:04+00:00

Yes. The conference will offer three streams and sessions will be run concurrently on separate streams

Will the sessions be available after the virtual conference?2021-06-24T12:12:43+00:00

Yes. All sessions (where presenters have given permission) will be available for viewing “on demand” at your convenience. Recordings will be available within 72 hours of the live presentation. Conference registration will include on-demand access to all sessions authorised for publication for up to six months after the conference.

Can I receive a certificate of participation for the virtual conference?2021-06-24T12:13:11+00:00

Yes, certificates of participation will be emailed to all registered and participating attendees at the conclusion of the virtual conference

When will the abstracts of the virtual conference be available?2021-06-24T12:13:40+00:00

Abstracts will be released in August 2021 and will be available via the conference website.

Will the virtual conference include an exhibition?2021-06-24T12:14:13+00:00

Yes. Our exhibitors will have virtual exhibition booths where they can share their information and make themselves available for meetings.


Do I need to pay a registration fee to participate in the virtual conference?2021-06-29T09:54:21+00:00

Yes, you will need to pay a registration fee to take part in the virtual conference. Registration is open and you can find all of the information on fees here.

Do I need to be an AORTIC member to attend the virtual conference?2021-06-29T09:55:02+00:00

No, you do not need to be a member to attend. There is a special rate offered to AORTIC members but non-members can join AORTIC while registering and immediately be eligible for the special rate.

Who can help me with my registration questions?2021-06-24T12:16:36+00:00

Our registration team is ready to help. Please contact


When will the abstracts accepted for presentation be published?2021-06-24T12:17:25+00:00

The accepted abstracts will be available on the conference website in August.

Will I need to register for the virtual conference in order to present my abstract?2021-06-24T12:18:01+00:00

Yes, all presenters will need to register to present their abstracts.

I am a presenter. Who can help me with my questions?2021-06-24T12:18:35+00:00

Our programme team is ready to help. Please contact

EXHIBITORS and sponsors

I am interested in becoming an exhibitor at the virtual conference. What opportunities are available?2021-06-28T12:53:53+00:00

There are various exhibition opportunities as well as some fantastic sponsorship packages available. Please contact AORTIC’s Managing Director Belmira Rodrigues ( to discuss. Find out more about sponsorship and exhibition here and here.

I am interested in sponsoring the virtual conference. What opportunities are available?2021-06-28T12:53:04+00:00

There are bespoke opportunities available, at various price points, please contact AORTIC’s Managing Director Belmira Rodrigues ( for further information. Find out more about sponsorship and exhibition here and here.

I am a sponsor or exhibitor. Who can help me with my questions?2021-06-24T12:26:24+00:00

Our help desk is ready to help. Please contact

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